Big Intelligence. Francis DeSouza re-invigorates the executive keynote with compelling stories and visuals that speak just as loud.

As President of Products and Services for Symantec, Francis deSouza's ideas helped shape the future of security.

He and his communications team came to us to help create a fresh twist on the typical executive keynote. We collaborated closely to create a number of talks that integrated compelling storytelling and unique visuals.

We capitalized on Francis’ considerable intellect and stage presence so that the audience could focus on him, with the visuals serving the story. Custom graphics and photo illustration convey complex concepts with simplicity and beauty – rare in a technology presentation. Visual simplicity also allows Francis to vary his pacing and content, even incorporating breaking news minutes before stepping onstage. 

In the prezi above, Francis outlined how the security industry needs to rethink IT in light of the constant evolution of endpoints and data centers. 

In the clip below, Francis delivers the second-day keynote at RSA Conference 2013 in front of thousands. He shared his vision for the future of security, one that responds to an increasingly complex threat landscape and the promise and perils of big data.

Francis’ RSA keynote, and Symantec’s overall conference presence, were enormously successful: The keynote was the top-trending video on Twitter for the entire conference, and the following day Symantec’s stock price was at a nine-year high. 


Client: Francis deSouza, former President, Products and Services at Symantec

Project: Custom Presentations

Services: Presentation design, speechwriting 


“I was looking for a creative team to help me create TED-style transformational keynotes for our executives. I had an instant connection with Matt and Alison from the start and when it came to the work, they literally rocked my world. In addition to amazing visual skills, they breathed life into every project with their creativity and inspirational style. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Matt and Alison—they are true partners, teachers and friends.”

Gina Rossi
Director, Corporate Communications, Fortune 500 company


“Working with Alison and Matt is so satisfying! Not only do I have the joy of knowing I’m working with the best content/design team around, but I enjoy the humor, smarts, and passion they bring to each project. We often get requests for high-profile presentations for TED, academia, and industry conferences. We trust them to build them from the ground up and have heard nothing but amazing feedback from our customers. We’ve even hired them to help us with internal projects, because they stand out from other designers: They understand the art of building a story and creating visuals to complement the storyline. I feel lucky to work with them every time.”

Angelie Agarwal, Ph.D.
Former Chief Evangelist, Prezi