The Company We Keep 

We are honored to have the following fine individuals and companies in our network: 


Anese Cavanaugh
Ashley Selman
Brian King
Chip Conley
Chris Vein
David Niebauer
Denise Brosseau
Francis deSouza
Jack Cochran, MD
James P. Clark
Jim Stengel
Kate Purmal
Leslie Blodgett
Lisa Kristine
Martha Borst
Rachel Pritzker
Shannon Presson
Silvia Vasquez


Dreyfus Properties
Evolution Trainers
Headlands Center for the Arts
Kaiser Permanente
Kingfish Group
Marriott International
McCalls Catering & Events
Mercury House (staff position)
Pantheon Books (staff position)
PC World Online (staff position)
Positive Health Program
Stones Throw Records
Sunpower Foundation
The Glenlivet
Tremor Video
Waters Winery
World Technology Network (staff position)

Creative Agencies

Astro Studios (staff position)
Elixir Design
frog Design (staff position)
Opts Ideas
1185 Design
Grow Marketing
ThinkResults Marketing


“I thought it was only in romance that you could say he or she ‘could finish my sentences for me.’ I’ve come to learn that Alison and Matt don’t just finish my sentences, but they also create visual imagery and a storyline that is both profound and persuasive. Based upon my very enjoyable time working with Alimat, my speeches are more moving, more memorable, and pack much more meaning. I can’t say enough about these two.”

Chip Conley
Founder, Joie de Vivre Hotels
Author of PEAK and Emotional Equations
Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy at Airbnb


“When I was asked to prepare a TEDx talk I called Alison and Matt. Collaborating with these articulate, intelligent people was utterly comfortable and inspiring. They have the unique ability to ask intuitive and key questions, extracting a story line that holds an audience. This, woven together with their powerful talk and keynote, secured me with a presentation that was authentically and truly mine, one that gave me confidence—and ultimately a standing ovation. If you have the wonderful opportunity to work with these fine individuals, I promise you will be thrilled and moved more than you could have imagined.”

Lisa Kristine
Humanitarian Photographer
Lucie Award winner, TEDx speaker


“When I decided to take my work to a bigger stage and reach even more people, I was both excited and overwhelmed. I’d never created such a talk and felt I was too close to the material for my own good. When I hired Alison and Matt to help, I was stunned at how steeped they got in my thinking. Teaching modules, interviews, blog posts—they reviewed EVERYTHING. Their deep-dive sessions were the perfect blend of epiphany and practical strategy. It was a highly personalized, ‘anti-cookie-cutter’ process and I felt held the whole way. No kidding, they spooned my soul. 

And it all worked. I now have a gorgeous, flexible, completely unique talk that both explains and inspires. It’s given me guardrails for my message without compromising my authenticity on stage. The feedback has been amazing and the speaking opportunities keep arriving, from a prestigious keynote talk to an invitation to join a speaker bureau. So if you want to play BIG with your own message, collaborate with these two creative geniuses. They will love you up and make the magic unfold. Go.”  

Anese Cavanaugh
Founder, The IEP Method
Author, Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization that Thrives


My experience working with Alimat opened my eyes to the power of great visual and verbal storytelling. Through an intensive interview process they came to understand me, Judicata, our history and our vision — and then surfaced the arc that unifies it all. I’m proud of the work they did, and what we produced together. It moved Judicata incredibly far forward, and showed me what is possible with an intelligent, creative, and talented team.

Itai Gurari
Co-founder and CEO, Judicata


“I’ve spent the last 20 years creating and building Bare Escentuals/bareMinerals as CEO and executive chairman and while I have spent a significant amount of time on live TV, I was never comfortable in front of a live audience. Actually, just the idea of speaking live makes me feel ill. It was time to finally get comfortable telling my story in public and I needed a partner to dig deep and to help find me find an approach that suits my style. [Humanitarian photographer] Lisa Kristine recommended I meet Alison and Matt.

I always looked forward to our meetings and downloads. The story collection phase was hours and days of thought provoking inquiries and discussion and each time we met we would get even closer to my true voice. I really couldn’t believe the hours they put in. We practically pulled an all nighter to get the speech just right. The finished product looked great on the screen, sounded just like me and it had the right amount of humor and insight. And, I have to say, the whole experience took the pressure off — making it a pleasure. Ask my husband; he even thanked Alison and Matt! I just wanted to be able to enjoy telling my story and keep the audience engaged without fear. It was a remarkable experience.”

Leslie Blodgett
Creator of bareMinerals

& Executive Chairman, Bare Escentuals


“I was looking for a creative team to help me create TED-style transformational keynotes for our executives. I had an instant connection with Matt and Alison from the start and when it came to the work, they literally rocked my world. In addition to amazing visual skills, they breathed life into every project with their creativity and inspirational style. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Matt and Alison—they are true partners, teachers and friends.”

Gina Rossi
Director, Corporate Communications, Fortune 500 company


“Working with Alison and Matt on my opening keynote for Ad Week was a brilliant experience. Their intake process was completely seamless, something I didn’t have to worry about. Through a series of well-thought-out interview questions, they quickly picked out the story I was telling, synthesized it, and wove it into a clear and precise speech with a strong opening, powerful middle, and fantastic close. 

Usually it takes a new communications group a few tries until they clearly hear your story, your voice, and your approach. This was not the case with this team by any stretch of the imagination. Their first draft needed only minor editing and refinement. They never lost my voice—in fact, they strengthened it. And they made it real. There was no empty marketing speech or strategy for the sake of strategy. They put things in clear, pragmatic terms that people deal with every day and can actually visualize. The onscreen creative was fantastic: custom, curated, and meaningful, as concise and impactful as the language. 

The talk generated lots of interest about Marriott and what we’re doing. It made people stand up and take notice. I think it also helped change people’s perspective of us as a company—the idea that Marriott is on the move.”     

Brian King
Global Brand Officer, Marriott International


“My collaboration with Alison and Matt brought my speaking platform to life in a way that I never imagined possible. Not only did they help shape my ideas into a cohesive and compelling thought leadership platform, they brought it to life, blending just the right images and brilliant phrases to create a lasting emotional impact on my audience. Within 60 days of launching my new Vision Project Prezi, I had booked nine speaking engagements and secured a spot as a guest lecturer at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. In less than three months my investment has paid for itself almost three times over in speaking fees and consulting and coaching assignments, with more than a dozen new clients. The success that has come from this delightful collaboration with Matt and Alison has far exceeded my expectations.”

Kate Purmal
Strategy consultant and coach to CEOs and entrepreneurs


“When I began to plan for the launch of my first book, I knew I had to up the quality of my speaking materials in order to gain traction for my message. I have worked with a lot of design teams over the years but thankfully, a trusted colleague recommended Matt and Alison. They are the dream team. Alison has such a warm personality and from the first she believed wholeheartedly in me and my message. She clearly explained the Alimat methodology, and throughout she demonstrated an exceptional ability to really listen. Add to that Matt’s skill at turning out gorgeous slides that helped bring my concepts to life in a stunningly designed presentation full of lessons, stories, and visual surprises, and you know why they have so many happy clients. The first time I tested the presentation, three audience members asked to join my movement — the first time this has ever happened and exactly what I’d been hoping for. To sum up the experience, I would say: They made me a better me. I know they can do the same for you.”

Denise Brosseau
CEO, Thought Leadership Lab 


“This is a testimonial for my favorite two copywriters in all the world, Alison and Matt. They’ve been writing copy for us for three years now and have nailed the complex essence of our brand, prAna. We offer sustainably made apparel for active lifestyles. We have a rich heritage in outdoor sports like rock climbing and have been deep in the yoga market for two decades. Our brand communications often convey our values associated with sustainability, wellness, social causes, fair trade and mindful living. We have a roster of diverse athletes, outdoor adventurists, climbers, yogis, artists and activists who have incredible stories to tell. Ours is a complex brand that can transcend demographics, markets, product categories and geographies, and we have to keep our core followers intrigued while reaching out to a new audience.

What I am saying is that the copywriting assignments at prAna are quite difficult and we consistently count on Matt and Alison to do the heavy lifting for our brand messaging. They have a collaborative approach and refreshing communication style that’s empowering. They have a knack for pulling out the nuggets when we get rambling during interviews. Our conversations are always stimulating and they don’t miss a thing. They turn these random thoughts into our consumer facing voice that connects to our values and deeply resonates with our audience. They ‘get it’ and are a lot of fun to work with. We hope to be able to count on them for many more seasons of compelling brand story telling.”

Beaver Theodosakis
Founder, prAna


“What was unique about Alimat is the combination of an unwavering commitment to delivering greatness, and the creative capacity to deliver it. Their approach rests on a blend of curiosity, collaboration and creativity to distill a message to its true essence. Their value to Kingfish went beyond marketing. They helped us see ourselves more clearly and, as a result, informed our strategic approach.”

Jonathan Goldenstein and Christian Dubiel
Founders, Kingfish Group 


“Grow has partnered with Alison and Matt on a variety of projects and we can’t wait to collaborate with them again soon! We recently hired them for a high-stakes interactive sales presentation for one of our top clients. They took the project way beyond what anyone had initially envisioned, recommending ways to make it even more compelling, then delivering on that promise. 

Their sophisticated design thinking and compelling storytelling makes them stand out from other specialty creative companies we work with. Their level of sophistication throughout the whole process—discovery, approach, execution, final product—is impressive and inspiring. They really are team players and took time to understand all perspectives, and collaborated with all stakeholders at each step in the way. They are a reliable partner and I was always confident they would meet deadlines, do a thorough edit and ensure nothing was ever missed.

Beyond us being happy, our client was extremely thrilled and said the presentation set a new standard for such a product within the company. I highly recommend them to any creative agency that wants to take their presentation deliverables up a notch. They are amazing and I’m eager to collaborate with them again soon.”

Shannon Farrell
Senior Account Manager, Grow Marketing


“Have you ever been stuck trying to effectively tell a story you were passionate about on the inside but struggling to express on the outside? As someone who coaches entrepreneurs and creative professionals on how to get unstuck, it was pretty easy for me to recognize that I needed to hire expert guidance to bring my own story forward.  What a gift I received when I hired Alison and Matt!  These two geniuses are simply amazing.  Alison was able to engage with my beautiful mind, pull out the key points and then craft my message into a coherent story.  To say that Matt put pictures to my words does not do justice to the extraordinary eye-catching graphics he illustrated.  They absolutely make my story come alive.  Having such a powerful and compelling presentation has opened doors to new opportunities in a way that has far exceeded my expectations. All I can say is … Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  I can’t wait for us to start working on the book!”

Shannon Presson
Coach, storyteller, belief change expert


“As the CIO for the City and County of San Francisco, I had the opportunity to educate and hopefully inspire others to share in our dream of a more open, transparent, and collaborative government. Since developing new and innovative approaches is key to our success, I am always seeking out new and exciting technologies to help deliver the message. Using Prezi’s unique storytelling capabilities, Matt and Alison understood my vision completely and created a fresh take on the presentation model, inviting audiences to shift perspective with me. They are an amazing collaborative team and I look forward to working with them again and again.”

Chris Vein
Chief Innovation Officer for Global Information and Communications Technology Development at World Bank (former Deputy U.S. CTO for Government Innovation, Obama administration)


“I needed to prepare a talk on LENR/Cold Fusion for an upcoming alternative energy conference. In a single strategy session, Alison and Matt helped me focus my material into a compelling story arc that would hold an audience. By the time I left the meeting, I knew what to do. Because of the work they did with me—and that I did with them!—I felt confident and eloquent as I delivered the talk, which hugely influenced how relaxed I was and how much fun I had. The talk was very well received: A guest reported to one of my clients that mine was the best talk of the entire conference! I appreciate Alison and Matt’s dedication to people doing their best and presenting in a way that’s engaging and entertaining. I now want to give this talk in more venues and am ready for the opportunities.”  

David Niebauer
Attorney specializing in alternative energy and IP strategy
General Counsel, SmartWired Grid


“Working with Alison and Matt is so satisfying! Not only do I have the joy of knowing I’m working with the best content/design team around, but I enjoy the humor, smarts, and passion they bring to each project. We often get requests for high-profile presentations for TED, academia, and industry conferences. We trust them to build them from the ground up and have heard nothing but amazing feedback from our customers. We’ve even hired them to help us with internal projects, because they stand out from other designers: They understand the art of building a story and creating visuals to complement the storyline. I feel lucky to work with them every time.”

Angelie Agarwal, Ph.D.
Former Chief Evangelist, Prezi


“If two heads are better than one, then two really smart, articulate, collaborative heads are best of all. Alison and Matt are able to think in ways that move the needle and produce great copy. They write in a range of styles and are as comfortable with corporate as editorial. They exhibit a few traits that aren’t a given with great writers: They listen. They embrace good ideas regardless of where they originated. If you are lucky enough to need great copy and this team is available, you won’t be disappointed.”

Jennifer Jerde
Founder and Creative Director, Elixir Design 


“Alison and Matt are a dynamic team with the ideal blend of communication skills. Alimat, Inc. partnered with Grow Marketing to create a world-class presentation for one of our clients who travels the globe to share his work. Alison was able to perfectly articulate our client’s vision through the written word, and Matt brought the ideas to life through a compelling and innovative design that established an emotional connection with the audience. This team also knows when to gently challenge an idea in order to elevate and enhance the end product. The result of our work together garnered tremendous reviews from our client’s audiences. Whether it’s creating a program from scratch or infusing it with new ideas to keep it fresh, this is the dynamic duo.”

Danny Kraus
Former Marketing Communications Director, Grow Marketing 


“My first week on the job, I called Alison and her partner Matt Clark from Alimat. Motista had a revolutionary product, but our go-to-market sales materials need revolutionizing—and I knew this team could deliver. From our very first meeting, they brought intelligence and high-level strategic thinking: asking challenging questions, throwing out ideas to make the presentation even better. Within a very short time, their first draft nailed the concept beyond my very high expectations. Not only was the narrative sound; superb graphics and clear language made the product and our value proposition come to life. A previously hard to explain product was now being understood by prospects in record time. If you want to take your brand story to the next level, I can say without qualification, hire Alimat.”

Patty Mitchell
Interim GM and Chief Revenue Officer, Motista


“I love working with a team that gets the horse in the barn. They get what we want to say, express it better than we ever could, and really know how to close a project. It’s been a delight to build a partnership with Alison and Matt, who are helping Dreyfus Properties tell our story across multiple platforms — prezi, book, and website. This unique combination of old and new media has wowed our sales agents and prospective sellers. One of our agents used the prezi to close a huge listing with a seller within weeks of adopting the technology.”

Marissa Myers
Director of Marketing 
Dreyfus Sotheby’s International Realty 


“They were diligent at getting to the heart of what we’re about and what we wanted to express. That attention and time spent on understanding what we wanted to say really came out when they created the presentation. The mechanics are one thing, but flushing out what we wanted to say was outstanding. Not everyone can pull your story out of you, help you organize it, and help you express it. The prezi they created is on the bleeding edge, so we’re doing something that will be relevant for quite a while, not something that we’ll re-do quickly.”

Michael Dreyfus
Dreyfus Sotheby’s International Realty 


“We turned to Alimat, Inc. when our real estate development team was unable to agree on a name for a mixed-use condominium project we were developing in Pacific Palisades. It was important to find a perfect name and identity that embodied the building, its location, and its inherent characteristics as we began to think about taking the units to market. Because we were seeking to transform an existing shell (with its own history in the community) into something new, it was crucial for us to get the branding done right.

Bringing in Alison and Matt at this stage of the process was one of the smartest decisions we made. Working within our timeframe and budget—and with a team of disparate personalities—they presented about 75 possible names for the building, about 73 of which would have been great. In fact, the hardest part was narrowing down the choices, but even here this team proved invaluable and insightful. They approached the entire process with thoughtfulness, grace, and intelligence. I look forward to working with them again.”

Larry Mathews
Outparcel Investment Partners VI, LLC


“Partnering with Alison and Matt to design a Prezi presentation for my keynote speech was an extremely productive, positive experience. Alison quickly grasped the essence of my message and added creative ideas and quotes that enhanced my speech. They then formulated a theme that pulled the entire presentation together in a way that enhanced my original idea, and Matt produced the perfect poignant images that spoke a thousand words. I was amazed at how quickly they both worked and how easily they produced a superb product that far exceeded my expectations. There is nothing better than working with professionals who know what they’re doing and do it well! My Fortune 500 clients are continually impressed with their work and so am I.”

Martha Borst
President, Senior Partner, Avista Consulting Group, Inc.


“I wanted to create a presentation to expand my business, but the thought of putting my story together was daunting, to say the least. I had my first meeting with Alison, and I was blown away at her ability to listen to my story, synthesize it down to its essence and create a seamless narrative that captured its most powerful and compelling elements. She made this overwhelming task seem easy! Once we had the story structure, Matt worked his magic, using both literal and figurative images to make the story come to life. The presentation so perfectly tells my story, I don’t need notes to deliver it. This frees me to really connect with my audience, which allows my message to come across with significantly more impact! I have never felt so confident presenting as I do now.”

Ashley Selman
Owner, Evolution Trainers


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alimat on a few different occasions, and I consider them to be the “A” team of boutique agencies. What they accomplish for their clients reflects a level of quality, commitment and results that simply doesn’t seem possible given their size. Their “secret sauce” is that they truly care about the work their clients are doing—and are not in this just for the money. They take on projects they believe are worthwhile, and attract clients who love what they do. They’re methodical about getting into the heads of their clients’ customers, and taking time to really understand their clients’ businesses.

Individually, they bring exceptional skills to every project they take on. They run a tight ship, managing clients, contractors, timelines, and vision while crafting incredibly polished deliverables. Best of all, they treat their independent contractors (including writers like myself) as valued partners—not just temporary resources. An inspiring, friendly pair of professionals you’d enjoy working with.”

Claudia Graziano
Copywriter, Content Strategist


“What Alimat accomplished for our business forever raises the bar for the way our team approaches not just sales, marketing and technology, but business in general. They successfully weeded through mountains of material that we had been collecting and sitting on over the years and distilled it into a beautiful story of teamwork, collaboration, hard work, and helping people achieve their dreams.

From our first meeting, we were overwhelmed about what we needed to accomplish and how on earth this was all going to get done. Alimat cut through all the noise to truly understand the underpinnings of our business, asked all the right questions, and used that information to compose an overarching marketing plan for us.

The result has been nothing short of amazing! We launched our new brand about a month ago and the response from our sphere of influence and peers has been astounding. The boost in confidence we get from our new look and feel is something we hadn’t anticipated. Sure, we had anticipated more business and better reception from prospects, but the unforseeables are just as gratifying.  Our team cannot recommend the services of Alimat enough and we will be back to them with Phase II, III and so on as our business continues to evolve. Thank you Alimat!”

Payton Stiewe, Arrian Binnings, and Sejal Binnings
Payton+Binnings team 


“Alison and Matt are an absolute dream to work with. They have the complete package: creativity, organization, responsiveness, intelligence, style, and technical skills. 

Through interviews and research, they took the time to understand our company on a deep level. They successfully took our rough ideas and goals and translated them into the look, feel, and content we’d been seeking, quickly and creatively. They also inspired us to push ourselves to help them create something above and beyond our expectations. We now have a site that represents McCalls in a way that’s modern and stylish as well as practical.  

It was amazing process developing the site with Alison and Matt. They met with us just the right amount: Meetings were efficient, productive, and streamlined. They were incredibly accessible, not to mention fun and friendly! I looked forward to each conversation. Their team of experts made sure every last detail was handled. (Previous web design teams had worked with us for months and we never got anywhere.)  Alimat responded to every email or voicemail within the hour, meeting every goal on our timeline with flying colors.  What a team! 

Thanks to Alimat we have a beautiful, stunning new site—live and launched in record time. It’s exactly what we envisioned, but even better.”

Kirsty Gumina
Event Production and Design
McCalls Catering & Events


“Matt is a phenomenal graphic designer with a broad range in style and technique. He is really good at bringing that out-of-the-box flavor to even the most standard projects, and then seeing those ideas through to production reality. He has flexibility and speed, and he’s comfortable working in a variety of brand contexts. He works more creatively than the average designer, even under challenging external constraints. 

He’s great at coming up with lots of different concepts quickly, drawing from incredibly wide personal and creative influences. He can concept both visually and in short and long-form copy, then mock up his concepts with a depth and richness often missing in creative pitches. In other words, he can work inside the box, but lives outside of it.”

Maurice Conti
Director of Strategic Innovation, Autodesk


“I’ve worked with scores of creative and art directors over decades. Matt is an exceptional talent in his ability to work across so many media—illustration, photography, fine art, video, and web. Matt brings a tempered, seasoned energy to all his business engagements. As deadlines and frenzy are so often the norm in professional creative, Matt delivers on multiple levels, all the while maintaining a big-picture perspective and measured professionalism, even in the most demanding situations.”

Marc Vincent
Strategy and Marketing Director, Positive Health Program
(HIV/AIDS division of SF General Hospital) 


“Opts Ideas had the lead creative agency role in one of Microsoft’s most important global product launches. Through a referral from a trusted colleague, we discovered Alison midway through a critical stage of the campaign. She hit the ground running, quickly integrated herself into the team, added much-needed structure to the process, and was instrumental in helping us complete the job on time and on budget. The client was thrilled with the outcome.”

Chris J. Fitzgerald
Vice President and Partner, Opts Ideas


“Matt delivers great creative, period. He is consistent and fast—two things that are important in any marketing organization. Regardless of the industry, size of company or target audience, I know Matt will immediately understand what I’m trying to accomplish. He always impresses me with his ability to translate marketing requirements into compelling, relevant and impactful creative. I’m always looking for an opportunity to work with him—he’s that good.”

Lisa Plotczyk Lee
Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations, 


“Working with Matt is easy and enjoyable. His ideas are lucid, his work exemplary and the results surprising and effective. My existing customers have been impressed with the imagery and design Matt has provided, and new customers have told me how original, unexpected and delightful our visual materials are. With Matt’s work, my company’s message is stronger and clearer than it’s ever been. He’s been instrumental in communicating our mission and quality of work, and a key component of our rapid growth and success.”

Alan Manley
Founder and President, Vintage Spec


“Alison worked with me as a managing editor on a 176-page book that was translated into 19 different languages. Not only did she effectively wrangle two writers composing 76 different stories, she managed three proofing stages and tracked all of the translations. All under a very short deadline. She was a pleasure to work with—professional, polite, always in a good mood and willing to go the extra steps—I wouldn’t work with anyone else knowing there is an Alison Macondray out there.”

Marnie Aulabaugh
Creative Director, Heroes Happen {Here} (Microsoft publication)