Storytelling is alchemy. What are your ideas made of? We want to know—and to help you find out. 


“I thought it was only in romance that you could say he or she ‘could finish my sentences for me.’ I’ve come to learn that Alison and Matt don’t just finish my sentences, but they also create visual imagery and a storyline that is both profound and persuasive. Based upon my very enjoyable time working with Alimat, my speeches are more moving, more memorable, and pack much more meaning. I can’t say enough about these two.”

Chip Conley
Founder, Joie de Vivre Hotels; Author of PEAK and Emotional Equations; Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy at Airbnb


“What was unique about Alimat is the combination of an unwavering commitment to delivering greatness, and the creative capacity to deliver it. Their approach rests on a blend of curiosity, collaboration and creativity to distill a message to its true essence. Their value to Kingfish went beyond marketing. They helped us see ourselves more clearly and, as a result, informed our strategic approach.”

Jonathan Goldenstein and Christian Dubiel
Founders, Kingfish Group 


“When I was asked to prepare a TEDx talk I called Alison and Matt. Collaborating with these articulate, intelligent people was utterly comfortable and inspiring. They have the unique ability to ask intuitive and key questions, extracting a story line that holds an audience. This, woven together with their powerful talk and keynote, secured me with a presentation that was authentically and truly mine, one that gave me confidence—and ultimately a standing ovation. If you have the wonderful opportunity to work with these fine individuals, I promise you will be thrilled and moved more than you could have imagined.”

Lisa Kristine
Humanitarian Photographer
Lucie Award winner, TEDx speaker

You have something important to share, a calling to go bigger, a desire to make the world a better place. It all starts with the alchemy of an idea. We want to evangelize ideas that—once added to your ecosystem—will change you forever. 

If we take you on as a client, we want to live in the future you envision. 

Below are some ways we collaborate. To explore what’s right for you, please contact us for a consult.   

New Presentation
We sign on as your creative partners from our first meeting to the minute you step onstage. Our goal is a presentation you feel supremely confident giving, because it’s your voice and your stories, with the perfect imagery and talking points that bring your idea to life.

Our proven approach is applied to all presentation flavors: 

  • High-Stakes Keynote—You’re delivering the opening keynote at a conference, or a companywide all-hands that will set the tone. We want your talk to be the one people buzz about in the hall. 
  • TED/TEDx Talk—Distill your lifetime of experience into that make-or-break 18 minutes that will make it an “idea worth spreading.” We’ll work from the seed of an idea through presence coaching to ensure that every second counts. 
  • Speaker Platform—Whether you’re a paid speaker, published author, or seasoned executive, we’ll distill your message into a flexible presentation that you can adjust to multiple timeframes, venues, or audiences. 
  • Sales/Pitch Deck—Add the right storytelling to persuade your prospect to buy what you’re selling, be it partnership, purchases, or VC funding. 

Presence Coaching
Your big idea also needs to come through you to inspire others. We can work with you to refine your stage presence and delivery so the presentation we’ve created has maximum impact. Usually added as a service to our presentation project together. 

Corporate Packages
Great for high-profile, busy executives who have multiple appearances per year. 

We act as your ongoing creative and thinking partners, creating new presentations or updating existing presentations for all your talks. We can also meet for a quarterly deep-dive brainstorm, helping you articulate your thought leadership as it evolves, concurrent with developments within your company. The more we work together, the more “shorthand” we can achieve, and the more lasting the results.