The power of unrealistic aspirations. Jim Clark didn't like the future, so he dreamed up a better one. We helped him share that dream with an audience who can make it real.

As the founder of the World Technology Network (WTN), Jim Clark has spent the last two decades studying the interplay of technology and society. And the future, he says, is looking grim. Rising poverty. Waste. Disenfranchisement. Humanity is speeding down the wrong path, our social problems multiplying as the pace of change increases. 

The annual WTN Awards and Summit is the place where new generations of innovators find each other, interact and share the ideas that will make our civilization more sustainable, more compassionate and more fun. Seriously. 

Jim’s opening-day keynote came in the form of a manifesto, a framework for a new civilization. A lofty aspiration, perhaps, but Jim has never been one to think small. 

Our task was to enable him to inspire the executives and change-makers in the audience, individuals who have the ability to turn his vision into a myriad of better tomorrows.  

The Project

We interviewed Jim extensively, read through his notes and essays, and helped distill years of thoughts and insights into a compelling narrative. We went through many revisions of the script together, and when we were convinced it struck the necessary balance between our biggest fears and our greatest aspirations, we added simple yet powerful visuals to ensure that each point struck home. 

The Outcome

The result earned Jim a standing ovation, and he's since been invited to share his manifesto at conferences around the world. The real evidence of the talk's impact, though, appeared in Jim's inbox moments after he left the stage. Dozens of attendees wrote in to join the movement. "I was literally cheering in my seat," one CEO wrote. "Revolutionary," wrote another. 

What really matters in the end is that we realize as a society that we are all in this together. As Jim so aptly put it: A wonderful civilization can be ours if we choose to build it. 

Slide deck for Manifesto for a New Civilization


Client: Jim Clark, Founder/Chairman of the World Technology Network (the WTN)

Project: Opening-day keynote address, The World Technology Summit and Awards 2013

Services: Script writing, presentation design