Fairy Tale Remix. Ever wonder what’s holding your happy ending captive? A transformation expert shares how to slay inner dragons and rescue dreams in distress.

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Shannon Presson helps brilliant people get unstuck. Entrepreneurs, executives, mothers, makers — Shannon helps them each track down the limiting beliefs that keep their dreams small. 

It all starts with identifying the four stories that operate in our lives:  The Challenge Story, the Dream Story, the “Yeah, But…” Story, and the Unexpected Story — the dream so big it doesn’t even seem possible … until it is.

Shannon’s gift is showing people how to do the inner work necessary to let the Unexpected Story unfold in their lives. But in order to share this powerful method with the world, Shannon realized she needed to play a bigger game herself, partnering with a creative team to bring her vision to life.

Working with Shannon, we dug deeply into the four stories, exploring core themes and extracting key talking points. Together we wove this material into a focused presentation that merged ancient wisdom with practical application. Shannon's ideas were so enthralling, we also decided to create custom illustrations for every concept from sailing ships and magic eyes to tutu-clad pigs. The resulting presentation created a hero's journey for Shannon's audience, from the old, discouraging world to a brighter, more hopeful future.

The first time Shannon gave her new talk, the spell was cast. Engaged and astonished, the crowd rose in a standing ovation. “Creative.” “Inspiring.” “Powerful.” “Magical.” Just a few words participants used to describe the experience.

Today Shannon is actively booking speaking engagements and living her own Unexpected Story: Empowering people to march down to Dragon Central and demand their dreams back.

Excerpts and testimonials from Shannon’s inaugural presentation of The Unexpected Story. (Video produced by Ali Cottong and Natalie Rold.) For more, and to book Shannon as a speaker, go here

Shannon in front of her Beautiful Mind, as her own Unexpected Story unfolds. 


Client: Shannon Presson

Project: The Unexpected Story: Getting Unstuck on Your Way to Extraordinary

Services: Script writing, presentation design


“Have you ever been stuck trying to effectively tell a story you were passionate about on the inside but struggling to express on the outside? As someone who coaches entrepreneurs and creative professionals on how to get unstuck, it was pretty easy for me to recognize that I needed to hire expert guidance to bring my own story forward.  What a gift I received when I hired Alison and Matt!  These two geniuses are simply amazing.  Alison was able to engage with my beautiful mind, pull out the key points and then craft my message into a coherent story.  To say that Matt put pictures to my words does not do justice to the extraordinary eye-catching graphics he illustrated.  They absolutely make my story come alive.  Having such a powerful and compelling presentation has opened doors to new opportunities in a way that has far exceeded my expectations. All I can say is … Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  I can’t wait for us to start working on the book!”

Shannon Presson
Coach, storyteller, belief change expert