Artful Intelligence. A market research company shows brands how to create a deep connection with their customers. A new tool helps them practice what they preach. 

What makes you loyal to anything--a brand, a product, a person? A deep emotional connection; a feeling that they “get” you. Brand marketers know this. But can connection be quantified, captured, observed in real time, and acted on? Motista spent years of research and millions of dollars figuring out how. 

They knew they had a revolutionary product, but their linear, text-heavy sales materials were not getting through. We broke apart the narrative and put it back together to help potential clients get to yes faster and with a clearer understanding of the tool’s potential. We introduced more resonant graphics and illustrations, as well as developing a simpler language that fostered more immediate “aha!” moments and audience engagement. 

The roll-out of this new sales tool was an immediate success. Previously, pitches took up to three meetings to get to the engagement stage. Now, within 30 minutes sales reps started hearing,  “I get it. I want it. Send me a proposal.” That’s what we like to hear. 


Client: Motista

Services: Presentation design, brand strategy, graphic design, copy writing


“My first week on the job, I called Alison and her partner Matt Clark from Alimat. Motista had a revolutionary product, but our go-to-market sales materials need revolutionizing—and I knew this team could deliver. From our very first meeting, they brought intelligence and high-level strategic thinking: asking challenging questions, throwing out ideas to make the presentation even better. Within a very short time, their first draft nailed the concept beyond my very high expectations. Not only was the narrative sound; superb graphics and clear language made the product and our value proposition come to life. A previously hard to explain product was now being understood by prospects in record time. If you want to take your brand story to the next level, I can say without qualification, hire Alimat.”

Patty Mitchell
Interim GM and Chief Revenue Officer, Motista